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Theodore Teddy Stamp x Shop Hale

Theodore Teddy Stamp x Shop Hale

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A hand-drawn stamp that gives you the freedom and control to create to your heart’s content. Use Theodore as a repeated pattern on a wall, a simple touch to finish a wrapped gift, or as part of a devil-may-care mural. This sweet stamp will give the room a playful and vintage feel.

4” by 2.75”

Hand-drawn by New Grain in collaboration with Shop Hale (link).


These stamps can be used with latex paint, fabric paint and a standard stamp ink pad.

Gently rinse with warm water immediately following use. You can also gently press it down on a rag to remove excess paint after rinsing. Air dry.


There is a bit of a knack to applying these stamps properly. Prior to using the stamps, practice on paper and paper taped to a wall. This will allow you to get the hang of it vertically! Use a sponge dabber when applying paint to the stamp. This will ensure the paint is applied thinly and evenly. Have fun!

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wash on delicate cycle - tumble dry low

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